Kaytee's Summer Groove: Gallery #3

Kaytee Carter has a beautiful body for bikinis. Since she lives in southern California, the land of the eternally sunny weather, hot, you can almost guess correctly, that Kaye spends much time using swimsuits. Is she going to the beach a lot? "I do not usually go to the beach," said Kaytee. A pity, as their absence increases the male population of the beach is a wonderful spectacle. "I have a pool in my backyard at home (San Diego), which was mostly out of my bikini," says Kaytee. The photo-set re-create all the fun of the day at the beach without all the irritating sand, heat and ice cream vendors to interrupt our photography. Kaytee And do not forget your sunscreen to their beautiful shine I-cups. It's addictive, right? If you have not seen in the videos of Kaytee SCORE Theater, you are not one of the biggest attractions in California! Kowabunga!

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